Breaking my pattern

Yes it’s been a long long break.I always
have this in mind,to write only when it’s perfect…and it actully stops me from writing.So I now have thought to break this pattern by writing anyway and will nit even wait for a min but write right now :). This pattern breaking will help me write more and I will now for next few days will write of my past exp in life and how those things help me to make my present more powerfull.I know that sharing is powerful and wanna do just that…share share and share my life out.Feel free to provide your feedback to make my writing better …I mean better and not perfect ;).Thanks for Reading and being with me.


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Triveni…a paradigm shift

I first came across the word paradigm shift while first reading Covey,it’s in his first habit “Be Proactive”. Covey has the best example of a paradigm shift: he was traveling in a subway, a man gets in with his two sons, the sons are running all over the place bothering the people, this continues, so he finally gets irritated enough to ask the father why he doesn’t do something to control his kids. The father replies, “We just got back from the hospital where their mother died. I don’t know how to handle it and I guess they don’t either.”

Suddenly you see everything differently. That is the power of a paradigm shift.

Sometimes you already know things before you realize them but in different ‘form’. I read Covey later, yet was aware of the power of “paradigm shift” actually before that (may be sub-consciously) from Gulzar’s trivenis. Triveni is a unique style of poetry writing. It was introduced first around 1972-73, but has enjoyed lot more popular success since the beginning of the new millennium. This form of poetry was introduced and made popular by Gulzar. It’s a beautiful modification of traditional Shayaree of Urdu poetry. In a traditional Shayari there are two lines in one Stanza which is known as a sher. In Triveni, Gulzar adds a third line to a normal stanza. The beauty of it is, that first two lines in themselves are expression of a complete image, but when you read the third one, a whole new dimension is added to the original one. A complete “Paradigm Shift

Kaante waali taar pe kisne geele kapde taange hain

Khoon tapakta rehta hai aur naali mein behjaata hain

Kyon is Fauji ki bewa har roz yeh vardi dhothee hain…

You can see how the third line magically creates a different meaning to the first two lines. It’s a similar experience as listening to the father in Covey’s story. If a picture is worth thousand words, a metaphor is worth thousand pictures. The third line of Triveni does exactly that, a metaphor full of meaning communicating the unsaid. Triveni has its own taste. If you wanna enjoy its beauty then first read two lines, understand and make a picture that what poet wants to say. After that just read the third one and you will find that whole picture gets changed once you read it.

Udd ke jaate huye panchi ne bas itna hi dekha
der tak haath hilati rahi wah shaakh fiza mein

alvida kahne ko? ya paas bulane ke liye ?

The third line above poses a question, my take would be to consider the second option….i.e. paas bulane…as anyways you don’t know what’s the reality, what really the shaakh wants to communicate, then why not take the one that empowers? 🙂

To close this post I wanna attempt to express my thoughts in Gulzar saab’s form:

Sunna hai Hindustan develop hua hai

main ab GPS use karta hu dhundne ko

“Aazadi 60 sal peeche, Umeed bas agale mod”

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Let’s join hands for Prarthana

“If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”– Eldridge Cleaver

Ready to take-on the world

I still remember my college days , when everything seemed under my control. There was fire in eyes and a zeal to change the world. We a group of friends (group name “Beagle Boys” :)) were to sit on the culverts in the Belgaum cantonment area and discuss almost all the problems of India which maybe the PM was also not aware. Trust me everyone had a solution for every problem and the enthusiasm to rock the world once education gets over. There were differences in approaches and methods but not at all in our intentions. Then time passed-off and we actually completed our college education. Everyone took their own career path and some how (“I really don’t know how” )those conversations of changing the world got either diluted or disappeared completely.  Although those intentions were still there but either cynicism made it anesthetic or procrastination paralyzed them. Cynicism that if I can’t fight for myself in the selfish world how can I change it. Procrastination was let me settle my life first then I will do that “NGO kinda” work. But now on introspecting a lot over both of these i.e. Cynicism and Procrastination I can tell at-least for myself that “I was giving excuses not to do what I really wanted to do”. I want to be in my comfort zones, cost for which is my growth and fulfillment. But no more kidding now, no more fooling by saying “One day I will achieve everything and then contribute”….its a myth. Nothing like that happens…its a vicious circle from which I can never come-out. When I say this I actually experience hitting the rock-bottom. Trust me , not all my problems are relieved now that I want to contribute to the community, I still don’t have my own house, I still have lots of loans to repay, I still don’t know from where will I find money for my marriage. Point is nothing is settled and I am sure there will be no day when you can come out and say “I am done”…or the other choice is I actually take-on what I wanna do and say “I AM DONE”. It’s a choice believe me and I chose it. I chose the cause which is most near to my heart ….to empower the rural youth of India. If they are educated and trained I am sure that will make a huge difference in our world not some day but right away.

Prarthana Association:

It is a registered NGO which is committed for the well being and uplifting of rural India. Its formed by the like minded people who are equally committed to the same cause. My role will be to train, prepare education content and manage the activities of this NGO. Prarthana is also tide up with Metamorphosis (The training and development company working for students) for course material and also financial support. As a matter of fact a percentage of every payment to metamorphosis goes as a donation to Prarthana. The programs covered under Prarthana includes:Basic Education and literacy programs, Health awareness sessions, mind-mapping and memory development of students, financial education to get advantage of various govt. initiatives of edu loan etc. and many more. More updates of the program, events, difference caused in lives of children and there-by their parents and much more will be covered in the web-site of Prarthana which is still under development and will take some time.

Lets Join Hands for Prarthana:

Can you give her a better choice?

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to support this initiative whichever way you can. I don’t know if you are still in that comfort zone and dealing with your cynicism and procrastination or you have broke-through it and causing miracles in the lives of people around and giving them happiness(an there-by getting  happiness in your own lives….you get what you give to this world…most of times its multiplied). You can chose your role, if you are near-by Belgaum(our first center is in Belgaum) you can be a teacher/trainer( you will go through train the trainer), you can support by preparing training content and PPTs from any part of this world, you can financially help by donations in cash or stationary( books, pens etc).You can send an email with subject line “Interested in Prarthana”  to and we will get back to you.

Roles and responsibilities is not a constrain if you are really interested. If that fire is there it can be directed appropriately in number of ways…but the question is “Do you really have it in you at the first place?” and if not now HOW LONG will it take you to generate that. I am sure the ‘rat race’ doesn’t end by a Merc or a bungalow besides Mannant (SRK’s house :)…my fav …not the house the superstar) . So why wait and spoil time isn’t it? Think, introspect, meditate, do yoga, (drink vodka :)) or whatever works for you…but think.Right now is the right time.

Contribution I believe is sign of wisdom and intelligence, of courage and generosity. Once Gandhiji was boarding a train with a number of companions and followers, when his shoe fell from his foot and disappeared in the gap between the train and platform. Unable to retrieve it, he took off his other shoe and threw it down by the first. Responding to the puzzlement of his fellow travelers, Gandhiji explained that a poor person who finds a single shoe is no better off – what’s really helpful is finding a pair. I know we are not Gandhis but nothing stops us from attempting to follow his path…right?

“Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it”-Gandhi.

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Space of the God of Intellect “Ganesha”

“3 electrifying nights. Coffee, dry fruits and mid-night brain storming sessions, last minute changes, fights, suggestions, learning… And finally a smile on all faces when you know it paid off very well…”  this FB status by my brother Nagesh inspired me to write this post.

Belgaum 10 Sep 2010 a day before Ganesh Chaturthi , we three, my brother Guru, cousin Nagesh and myself gathered in the “Ashram”(Ashram is a specially designed room by Guru specifically to design and do all the stuff normally done in any ashram :)) Agenda was to design website for Metamorphosis. To mention in brief, Metamorphosis is Guru’s training organization with a mission to transform the youth of India. It provides innovative and creative study techniques focusing more on the right hemisphere of our brain(the most ignored). Metamorphosis also deals in personal transformation of students and individuals. I used one of the skills taught in Metamorphosis to prepare the layout of the website, just to get the central idea of how the site would be. Yes the mind-map of the site was sketched using crayons. The the real job started, animation and flash expert Nagesh started creating different frames to work on. Guru who has an eye for design and a master in coral prepared the drawings and created images to be used.Once the main design layout was done my job was now more like a Manager (you know what managers do right? :)…and most of it was to get coffee to all).We triggered brainstorms, for all to come up with new ideas, new images, fonts…this font….done final….no no change font, lets change the concept …hushhhhhhhh. Whole night the ashram was sparkling with creativity. We slept at 4.30am and got up at 6 am to bring Ganpati Bappa….fully energetic and charged. Point is you are exhausted not by working but by “missing” the context for working.

The person holding Ganapati bappa is my uncle Kashi chacha and in the backdrop is the Ram mandir near our house. There are few bandwallas (not seen in this pic) and my cousins are busy in cracker show. By the way just a thought, I think we should stop this cracker stuff now…its high time.Green festivals, clean festivals.

Welcoming the Ganaraja

Then the morning puja …which is called Pran-Pratistha puja is performed by aur Panditji Mr. Bal Bhatji. I have seen him do this puja from my birth. Born in 1930 he is a freedom fighter and was in jail for 8 months in the British Raj. After the puja everyone got prasad (sweets, modaks,pedas,etc).

We three then went back to our design work again.After many sessions of coffee,dry fruits and tea we were ready with the final cut of our website. I will share the site once officially launched.It’s designed for those who have done the program. So intention is not to use the site for selling programs but rather to provide a platform for clients to facilitate them in their learning ,sharing and communicating. The design involves you inside it, it talks to you and engages you.The site will be hosted by “HutGeeks“and would be officially launched on 3rd Oct 2010 during the Meta-Inspiration program of Metamorphosis in Belgaum. All and all it was greaaaaaaaaaaat fun and a thrilling experience to create something new and innovative in the space of the God of Intellect “Ganesha”.

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you and devote yourself  to creating something that gives purpose and meaning”- Mitch Albom.

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Sorry Doc…I am on ‘orangewalk’

8/28/2009 10:52:30 AM

Name: Prasanna Shivakamat

Symptoms: Cold, feverish, severe throat infection and tiredness.

Medicine: FOOD

Your food should be your medicine – Hippocrates (ca. 460 BC – ca. 370 BC)

He is referred to as the Western father of medicine in recognition of his lasting contributions to the field as the founder of the Hippocratic School of medicine. This intellectual school revolutionized medicine in ancient Greece, establishing it as a discipline distinct from other fields that it had traditionally been associated with (notably theurgy and philosophy), thus establishing medicine as a profession.

However, the achievements of the writers of the Corpus, the practitioners of Hippocratic medicine, and the actions of Hippocrates himself are often commingled; thus very little is known about what Hippocrates actually thought, wrote, and did. Nevertheless, Hippocrates is commonly portrayed as the paragon of the ancient physician. In particular, he is credited with greatly advancing the systematic study of clinical medicine, summing up the medical knowledge of previous schools, and prescribing practices for physicians through the Hippocratic Oath, Corpus and other works.

I am not against doctors (I have few good friends who are docs), I am not against medicine (it has helped me a lot in my past). I am against the excessive use of it. In case of emergency you anyways have no say so forget that scenario. The undue importance to medicine for small things is what bothers. Firstly I want to acknowledge the “Orange walk” approach which prevents you from illnesses most of your life. Your get illness only when your body needs rest….that’s it. You take rest and you get well…that is it. Most of the other viruses, bacteria and other germs have impact on body only if immunity is low and toxins are high. Orangewalk body is free of toxins and hence only when you lose track you get ill( As in my case). Then we also have to look at the BIG BIG pharma lobby, the syndicate (mafia would not be a wrong word) who are in aggressive marketing introducing new diseases everyday with the anti viruses (same like software anti-virus companies, who create the virus first and then the anti-virus comes in market). BE AWARE OF THE PHARMA MAFIA , THEY PLAY WITH YOUR LIFE.

Natural way is essentially the simplest, direct way to live

-Dr. Vijaya Venkat

Vijaya Venkat is a committed health activist. Her aim is to enable a better understanding of health and nutrition, two interrelated aspects, for total wellness. Vijaya believes that the present system of health care, based on curing is inadequate. The key to good living, she feels, lies in the positive element of caring. This implies a commitment to a lifestyle, so that the cared for body does not need to be cured “Health is the result of healthful living,” she says. I always enjoy interacting with Vijaya dadi , she has fantastic sense of humor and is very aggressively against “THEY” (I don’t know exactly who this ‘they’ are.) … 🙂

I would like to share with you what Dr. Vijaya Venkat says on illness, germs and food : “At any given time, each one of us carries an unbelievable amount of germs in our bodies. But we are not constantly sick. These bugs are there for a purpose-they cleanse our bodies by keeping what is needed by the body and throwing out the rest. When we create a toxic environment in our bodies through wrong eating habits, too much stress and not enough rest, these germs get activated. The body has to eliminate the waste, which is discharged from the body in the form of colds, coughs, fever, etc. Therefore, an ‘infection’ is the body’s way of throwing out its waste. The best thing to do at this time is to help the body cleanse itself. This can be done by adding more life to your body by eating raw and living foods. Fruits are energisers, they help cleanse the body by giving it an extra dose of energy needed at the time. All types of fruits, including citrus fruits are good for you. For best results eat fruits of different colours and have plenty of them. Also, morning is the best time for fruits because that is when your body is eliminating maximum waste.

Include fresh herbs like garlic, fresh turmeric, amla, onion etc. They boost the Mitch immune system through their anti-oxidant properties. Add these liberally to all that you eat.

Fresh raw vegetables help in the reconstruction of cells, making them stronger and more resistant. At least one-third of your food should consist of fresh raw vegetables. Find ways to include these in your diet in the form of juices, salads, etc.

Getting enough rest is the best way to restore your body’s balance. Immunity cells are activated in the first half of the night-between 8 pm to midnight, (following the circadian rhythm, which is roughly a 24-hour cycle in the biochemical, physiological, or behavioural processes of living entities). This also explains why when we sleep late or don’t get enough sleep, we wake up with a sniffle or feeling feverish.

Avoid foods that create an acidic environment. Certain foods can create an acidic environment in the body. These include wheat (as it contains gluten, a sticky substance) milk (which contains casein), sugar, iodised salt and packaged foods, which contain preservatives. These should be excluded from your diet.”

So some key points to be noted are:

  • Be on orange walk, body toxin free and sickness free.
  • When sick go to fruits not to the chemist( his medicines may seem to cure now but in long run will cause bigger diseases. Suppression doesn’t address the root cause it only hides it to come out later more violently)
  • Nothing else ….Have Fun, enjoy life and keep rocking…..Trust me I am already feeling great.

8/28/2009 12:13:27 PM

Name: Prasanna Shivakamat

Symptoms: Energetic, Thrilled, Fresh and On top of the World 🙂


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Orange Walk

In my previous blog I promised you that I will share the program which worked for me. This is the program which Guru guided me on. There were many programs and approaches but I choose to follow this for a very simple reason. The reason is it’s aligned to nature and the nature of human mind and body. I am sharing with you the best of the best that worked and as a matter of fact is still working for me, the “Orange-walk Program”. Yes you guessed it right as the name suggests it clearly took me on the path of fruits and regular daily exercise. Just to give you the brief history of “Orange–walk” the eating/diet part of the program is a fantastic mixture of ancient ayurvedic approach, fit for life , raw food and  on the footsteps of Dr.Vijaya Venkat’s healthy diet form the Health Awareness Centre .

Let me focus on little theory and more actions.

Our entire day in divided into three parts, first is accumulation, then assimilation and elimination.

12 noon to 7pm is accumulation: This is when I can eat all my food….bindast. Eat whatever I like but just make sure I don’t mix two kinds of food. (Ayurveda also goes against the mixing of variety of foods. According to this system, each food has its own taste (rasa), energy (virya) and post-digestive effect (vipak). So, when two or three different foods of different taste, energy and post-digestive effect (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) are mixed, it disrupts the digestive power (agni) and hamper the digestion. This results in indigestion, fermentation and gas formation. On the contrary, if we eat these foods separately at different times of the day they are digested quickly and easily as the agni gets stimulated. ) I make it a point to have lemon shot (equal amount of lemon juice and water) after every meal. I have my lunch at 12.30pm everyday  and my evening dinner at 6.30 pm. Hundreds of thousands of people do this and have been doing this for hundreds and thousands of years so let’s not discuss the crap called “How can this be practical”.

7pm to 4am is assimilation: I don’t have to do anything; body will do its job. The things I can intake during assimilation are fruits and juices. So I usually have a glass of juice at night. Nothing else is required. Keep the milk for calves we already had our share of milk in our infancy. Human beings and the domestic animals spoiled by human beings drink milk. No other animals drink milk other than their’s mother’s milk during infancy. The milk we drink is made for calves and not us…all that campaign of drink glass of milk a day is a big brainwash. Say NO to milk and dairy products….I know even I was shocked, but be with it. Few more on your way J.

4am to 12 noon is elimination: This is the time for fruits and fruits and fruits. Have as many as you like and start your day fresh. You can have fruit juices and lime shots in this phase with no worries at all. Again hundreds of thousands of people do this and have been doing this for hundreds and thousands of years so let’s not discuss the crap called “How can this be practical” J. I am not joking but seriously all the habits we have at present are all actually difficult to follow but we have made them our habits and now they look easy. Practice and do share your experience with me.

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Lose weight?…No!!!..Gain Health :)

15th Aug 2009, was the independence day of India. It’s a day when we celebrate the spirit of freedom and here I was struggling to grab my breath. No It wasn’t serious, no heart attack, no stroke nothing. But yes it was serious enough to take notice of that incidence. Throughout my life I have been very active and an outdoor player. I was in my school cricket team, had been playing many games and participating in sports, cycling throughout from 6th std to completion of my engineering. Here I was now feeling exhausted by even slightest of any physical activity. Forget about running even a small walk would increase my heart beats and leave me with zero energy. So what happened to that Prasanna of 1999 on 15th Aug, 2009?

No it was not a one day phenomenon. I had been getting signals regularly but I ignored them all. Lack of energy, feeling exhausted by evenings, no enthusiasm in starting anything new, waking up late every morning (actually I lost the look and feel of a 6am world) were all those signals and many more.

These signals gave me insights and openings to research and analyze my body and yes also my mind. I looked into my eating habits, my thought process to deal with stress and anxiety, what physical work I do and how. The output  of this research was definitely opposite to what was required, but in understanding healthy habits I got a few surprises and lot many shocks. I met experts in the field of diet and health, read books, saw videos. Everyone had their own view point and all valid.This created more confusion than conclusion. But from this chaos came the solution…yesssss a simple two point solution yehhhhhhh.

Number One:Design Have a Guru, I mean an expert who can guide you through this journey. Remember only when the student is ready the teacher appears. For me it is my brother Guru(its not a coincidence that his name is Guru, I believe nothing happens by coincidence everything has a purpose. By the way you reading this also has one ) . He educated me, trained me , and coached me on exercise and most importantly on what to eat. I will be writing a separate dedicated post on both eating and exercising.

Number Two: Structure to implement , for me it is my best friend Priyanka. Who actually holds me to account and ensure I follow what i promise to follow. No excuse, no drama, just no kidding.

With this I am making a miraculous shift in my mind and body. I am still working, have fall on my face at times by over confidence , but again came back. Tangibly I have lost 5 kgs but what is more vital is I have gained energy , confidence and tremendous  enthusiasm. In this journey I actually came out from the prison of nicotine and alcohol. Both these filthy addictions had been ruining my life for past 15 years.I will share more of my experiences on my addictions and most importantly my freedom from it in the future posts.

If you wish to plunge into this journey of health and energy, I assert not to focus on weight reduction, just go for healthy mind and healthy body. Trust me your mirror is your best weight indicator. Forget BMI it misguides you completely. Lose weight?….No!!!…Gain Health.

Note: Keep reading this blog, I will share the best diet and exercise plans. All tried, tested and working :).

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