Lose weight?…No!!!..Gain Health :)

15th Aug 2009, was the independence day of India. It’s a day when we celebrate the spirit of freedom and here I was struggling to grab my breath. No It wasn’t serious, no heart attack, no stroke nothing. But yes it was serious enough to take notice of that incidence. Throughout my life I have been very active and an outdoor player. I was in my school cricket team, had been playing many games and participating in sports, cycling throughout from 6th std to completion of my engineering. Here I was now feeling exhausted by even slightest of any physical activity. Forget about running even a small walk would increase my heart beats and leave me with zero energy. So what happened to that Prasanna of 1999 on 15th Aug, 2009?

No it was not a one day phenomenon. I had been getting signals regularly but I ignored them all. Lack of energy, feeling exhausted by evenings, no enthusiasm in starting anything new, waking up late every morning (actually I lost the look and feel of a 6am world) were all those signals and many more.

These signals gave me insights and openings to research and analyze my body and yes also my mind. I looked into my eating habits, my thought process to deal with stress and anxiety, what physical work I do and how. The output  of this research was definitely opposite to what was required, but in understanding healthy habits I got a few surprises and lot many shocks. I met experts in the field of diet and health, read books, saw videos. Everyone had their own view point and all valid.This created more confusion than conclusion. But from this chaos came the solution…yesssss a simple two point solution yehhhhhhh.

Number One:Design Have a Guru, I mean an expert who can guide you through this journey. Remember only when the student is ready the teacher appears. For me it is my brother Guru(its not a coincidence that his name is Guru, I believe nothing happens by coincidence everything has a purpose. By the way you reading this also has one ) . He educated me, trained me , and coached me on exercise and most importantly on what to eat. I will be writing a separate dedicated post on both eating and exercising.

Number Two: Structure to implement , for me it is my best friend Priyanka. Who actually holds me to account and ensure I follow what i promise to follow. No excuse, no drama, just no kidding.

With this I am making a miraculous shift in my mind and body. I am still working, have fall on my face at times by over confidence , but again came back. Tangibly I have lost 5 kgs but what is more vital is I have gained energy , confidence and tremendous  enthusiasm. In this journey I actually came out from the prison of nicotine and alcohol. Both these filthy addictions had been ruining my life for past 15 years.I will share more of my experiences on my addictions and most importantly my freedom from it in the future posts.

If you wish to plunge into this journey of health and energy, I assert not to focus on weight reduction, just go for healthy mind and healthy body. Trust me your mirror is your best weight indicator. Forget BMI it misguides you completely. Lose weight?….No!!!…Gain Health.

Note: Keep reading this blog, I will share the best diet and exercise plans. All tried, tested and working :).


About Prasanna

Game Changer...my biggest strength. My topics...Service excellence in IT Service Management, Social collaboration through enterprise social networking, community leadership and leadership development.I prefer responding over reacting ...most of the time. Take more over company objectives. Job well done matters than who gets the credit for. I stretch...and then stretch a little more. I prefer responding over reacting ...most of the time. Take more over company objectives. Job well done matters than who gets the credit for. I stretch...and then stretch a little more. I like technology , embrace change and respect people. If you are interested in service excellence in IT service management, social collaboration and community leadership development then reach out to me, lets synergize.
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7 Responses to Lose weight?…No!!!..Gain Health :)

  1. Mohammad Saif says:

    Indeed its reallity, but its really hard to accept. I am also a victim of the same decease and vitally showing the same symptoms as you did on August 15th 2009. But I am the most luckiest person one could ever imagine. I have you guys arround me( Guruji and Prassanna) so I can skip the hard part of it, reasearch and devlopment. I am meeting Guruji tommorow(1st of August 2010) and hope that the meeting would be life changing. I wish to be free from slavery of addictions and illhealth.


  2. Preeti says:

    hi Prasanna,

    It was indeed great to read what was happening in your life then and more interestingly NOW.

    I will keep following up with this blog.
    regards n keep up the GOOD HEALTH:)

  3. nagesh009 says:

    I am happy to see you more health conscious than weight conscious. Looking forward for some more …

  4. Prasanna, very inspiring.I could relate to your experience as i myself had a breakdown in health in 2002-2005 ,and then i took responsibility of my health and got present-IF i do not respect my body,my body starts disrespecting me. Then the journey of books,yoga,vippassana,landmark,name anything and everything i expolred,took efforts and interest in each ,but the bottom line is ACTION -just do it now…i got teased by my friends,family for all these but it paid off,when i became fit,lost 15 kgs in 6 months,without struggle or even the thought of reducing,,,then my friends n family became very curious and interested in my actions…When there is a fit body,we can enjoy and live life to the fullest,whats the point in having a huge bank balance with an unfit body…one cannot enjoy it.GREAT sharing from you ,liked it,prasanna.

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