Space of the God of Intellect “Ganesha”

“3 electrifying nights. Coffee, dry fruits and mid-night brain storming sessions, last minute changes, fights, suggestions, learning… And finally a smile on all faces when you know it paid off very well…”  this FB status by my brother Nagesh inspired me to write this post.

Belgaum 10 Sep 2010 a day before Ganesh Chaturthi , we three, my brother Guru, cousin Nagesh and myself gathered in the “Ashram”(Ashram is a specially designed room by Guru specifically to design and do all the stuff normally done in any ashram :)) Agenda was to design website for Metamorphosis. To mention in brief, Metamorphosis is Guru’s training organization with a mission to transform the youth of India. It provides innovative and creative study techniques focusing more on the right hemisphere of our brain(the most ignored). Metamorphosis also deals in personal transformation of students and individuals. I used one of the skills taught in Metamorphosis to prepare the layout of the website, just to get the central idea of how the site would be. Yes the mind-map of the site was sketched using crayons. The the real job started, animation and flash expert Nagesh started creating different frames to work on. Guru who has an eye for design and a master in coral prepared the drawings and created images to be used.Once the main design layout was done my job was now more like a Manager (you know what managers do right? :)…and most of it was to get coffee to all).We triggered brainstorms, for all to come up with new ideas, new images, fonts…this font….done final….no no change font, lets change the concept …hushhhhhhhh. Whole night the ashram was sparkling with creativity. We slept at 4.30am and got up at 6 am to bring Ganpati Bappa….fully energetic and charged. Point is you are exhausted not by working but by “missing” the context for working.

The person holding Ganapati bappa is my uncle Kashi chacha and in the backdrop is the Ram mandir near our house. There are few bandwallas (not seen in this pic) and my cousins are busy in cracker show. By the way just a thought, I think we should stop this cracker stuff now…its high time.Green festivals, clean festivals.

Welcoming the Ganaraja

Then the morning puja …which is called Pran-Pratistha puja is performed by aur Panditji Mr. Bal Bhatji. I have seen him do this puja from my birth. Born in 1930 he is a freedom fighter and was in jail for 8 months in the British Raj. After the puja everyone got prasad (sweets, modaks,pedas,etc).

We three then went back to our design work again.After many sessions of coffee,dry fruits and tea we were ready with the final cut of our website. I will share the site once officially launched.It’s designed for those who have done the program. So intention is not to use the site for selling programs but rather to provide a platform for clients to facilitate them in their learning ,sharing and communicating. The design involves you inside it, it talks to you and engages you.The site will be hosted by “HutGeeks“and would be officially launched on 3rd Oct 2010 during the Meta-Inspiration program of Metamorphosis in Belgaum. All and all it was greaaaaaaaaaaat fun and a thrilling experience to create something new and innovative in the space of the God of Intellect “Ganesha”.

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you and devote yourself  to creating something that gives purpose and meaning”- Mitch Albom.


About Prasanna

Game biggest strength. My topics...Service excellence in IT Service Management, Social collaboration through enterprise social networking, community leadership and leadership development.I prefer responding over reacting ...most of the time. Take more over company objectives. Job well done matters than who gets the credit for. I stretch...and then stretch a little more. I prefer responding over reacting ...most of the time. Take more over company objectives. Job well done matters than who gets the credit for. I stretch...and then stretch a little more. I like technology , embrace change and respect people. If you are interested in service excellence in IT service management, social collaboration and community leadership development then reach out to me, lets synergize.
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4 Responses to Space of the God of Intellect “Ganesha”

  1. Amit Narvekar says:

    very well expressed – in a flow. liked it..

  2. Bhavesh says:

    Great going Prasanna. I am excited to see you blogging. One of the things which I long to do, feel inspired to when see friends being able to. I think I suck at time management and can only learn from friends like you. Again, keep your ideas flowing in blogs. Its very important to be able to express.

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