Let’s join hands for Prarthana

“If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”– Eldridge Cleaver

Ready to take-on the world

I still remember my college days , when everything seemed under my control. There was fire in eyes and a zeal to change the world. We a group of friends (group name “Beagle Boys” :)) were to sit on the culverts in the Belgaum cantonment area and discuss almost all the problems of India which maybe the PM was also not aware. Trust me everyone had a solution for every problem and the enthusiasm to rock the world once education gets over. There were differences in approaches and methods but not at all in our intentions. Then time passed-off and we actually completed our college education. Everyone took their own career path and some how (“I really don’t know how” )those conversations of changing the world got either diluted or disappeared completely.  Although those intentions were still there but either cynicism made it anesthetic or procrastination paralyzed them. Cynicism that if I can’t fight for myself in the selfish world how can I change it. Procrastination was let me settle my life first then I will do that “NGO kinda” work. But now on introspecting a lot over both of these i.e. Cynicism and Procrastination I can tell at-least for myself that “I was giving excuses not to do what I really wanted to do”. I want to be in my comfort zones, cost for which is my growth and fulfillment. But no more kidding now, no more fooling by saying “One day I will achieve everything and then contribute”….its a myth. Nothing like that happens…its a vicious circle from which I can never come-out. When I say this I actually experience hitting the rock-bottom. Trust me , not all my problems are relieved now that I want to contribute to the community, I still don’t have my own house, I still have lots of loans to repay, I still don’t know from where will I find money for my marriage. Point is nothing is settled and I am sure there will be no day when you can come out and say “I am done”…or the other choice is I actually take-on what I wanna do and say “I AM DONE”. It’s a choice believe me and I chose it. I chose the cause which is most near to my heart ….to empower the rural youth of India. If they are educated and trained I am sure that will make a huge difference in our world not some day but right away.

Prarthana Association:

It is a registered NGO which is committed for the well being and uplifting of rural India. Its formed by the like minded people who are equally committed to the same cause. My role will be to train, prepare education content and manage the activities of this NGO. Prarthana is also tide up with Metamorphosis (The training and development company working for students) for course material and also financial support. As a matter of fact a percentage of every payment to metamorphosis goes as a donation to Prarthana. The programs covered under Prarthana includes:Basic Education and literacy programs, Health awareness sessions, mind-mapping and memory development of students, financial education to get advantage of various govt. initiatives of edu loan etc. and many more. More updates of the program, events, difference caused in lives of children and there-by their parents and much more will be covered in the web-site of Prarthana which is still under development and will take some time.

Lets Join Hands for Prarthana:

Can you give her a better choice?

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to support this initiative whichever way you can. I don’t know if you are still in that comfort zone and dealing with your cynicism and procrastination or you have broke-through it and causing miracles in the lives of people around and giving them happiness(an there-by getting  happiness in your own lives….you get what you give to this world…most of times its multiplied). You can chose your role, if you are near-by Belgaum(our first center is in Belgaum) you can be a teacher/trainer( you will go through train the trainer), you can support by preparing training content and PPTs from any part of this world, you can financially help by donations in cash or stationary( books, pens etc).You can send an email with subject line “Interested in Prarthana”  to prarthana@metamorphosis.net.in and we will get back to you.

Roles and responsibilities is not a constrain if you are really interested. If that fire is there it can be directed appropriately in number of ways…but the question is “Do you really have it in you at the first place?” and if not now HOW LONG will it take you to generate that. I am sure the ‘rat race’ doesn’t end by a Merc or a bungalow besides Mannant (SRK’s house :)…my fav …not the house the superstar) . So why wait and spoil time isn’t it? Think, introspect, meditate, do yoga, (drink vodka :)) or whatever works for you…but think.Right now is the right time.

Contribution I believe is sign of wisdom and intelligence, of courage and generosity. Once Gandhiji was boarding a train with a number of companions and followers, when his shoe fell from his foot and disappeared in the gap between the train and platform. Unable to retrieve it, he took off his other shoe and threw it down by the first. Responding to the puzzlement of his fellow travelers, Gandhiji explained that a poor person who finds a single shoe is no better off – what’s really helpful is finding a pair. I know we are not Gandhis but nothing stops us from attempting to follow his path…right?

“Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it”-Gandhi.


About Prasanna

Game Changer...my biggest strength. My topics...Service excellence in IT Service Management, Social collaboration through enterprise social networking, community leadership and leadership development.I prefer responding over reacting ...most of the time. Take more over company objectives. Job well done matters than who gets the credit for. I stretch...and then stretch a little more. I prefer responding over reacting ...most of the time. Take more over company objectives. Job well done matters than who gets the credit for. I stretch...and then stretch a little more. I like technology , embrace change and respect people. If you are interested in service excellence in IT service management, social collaboration and community leadership development then reach out to me, lets synergize.
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